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Terms of Reference – Consulting Assignment

Title: Comprehensive Gender-responsive and Equity-focused  Evaluation toolkit and a Monitoring & Evaluation Advocacy toolkit

Post Title: Independent Consultant

Organization: Zimbabwe Evaluation Association (ZEA)

Location: Harare

Type of contract: Consultancy

Duration of contract: 15 days

Application deadline: 8 March 2019

Applications to be sent to: cc:

Background and Context

The Zimbabwe Evaluation Association (ZEA) is a membership-based organization that serves the evaluation community and promotes quality evaluation practice in Zimbabwe. ZEA contributes to the capacity development of members and stakeholders in research and evaluation to ensure the attainment of quality and credible evaluations.Additionally, ZEA seeks to build partnerships with policy makers, network with organizations and individuals to promote a culture of evaluation in Zimbabwe.The Association is a member of the African Evaluation Association (AfrEA)and the International Organisation for Cooperation on Evaluation (IOCE).

Evaluation is an evolving field and is claiming its place to influence policy decisions. Evaluation has the potential to improve the achievement of sustainable development through the application of new methods and extracting lessons to inform future programs ZEA is well placed to capitalize on its organizational capabilities and highly committed members to influence policies through the use evaluation evidence. To achieve this, we are commissioning a consultancy to develop a equity focused evaluation toolkit and a Monitoring & Evaluation advocacy toolkit for use by several stakeholders.

Zimbabwe committed itself fully to the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development,. Agenda 2030 values gender equality and inclusiveness as the core issues for any development interventions. In addition, issues of gender equality and inclusive are emphasized as part of the follow-up and review mechanisms. The UN General Assembly also underlines the importance of evaluation within the transformative 2030 Agenda; which means evaluation should play a crucial role to support effective and efficient SDG implementation.

Assignment Objectives:

The purpose of the assignment is to develop a Comprehensive Gender-responsive and Equity-focused Evaluation toolkit and a Monitoring & Evaluation Advocacy toolkit. This will involve developing training material relevant for the target group and context in which we operate. The toolkit will be developed for use by civil society to enhance equity focused and gender-responsive country led evaluation systems. Furthermore, it will provide a sector practitioners, policy and decision makers access to information, approaches and methods on how to evaluate programme interventions with an equity-focused and gender-responsive lens as well as how to conduct evaluations that inform advocacy efforts for policy and decision making.

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