Zimbabwe has been selected to participate in the EvalPartners’ Flagship Program. The FP1 Collegial Management Group has selected Zimbabwe to be among the 8 Focus Countries (Senegal, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Chile, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Jordan and Nepal) of the Flagship Program Phase 1 which is designed to increase the level of engagement that has commenced through the regional National Evaluation Systems (NES) consultations. It intends to reinforce and support inclusive multi-stakeholders partnerships to develop national development roadmaps aiming at establishing robust National Evaluation Systems and developing voluntary national reviews (VNRs) that incorporate evaluative evidence and consider evaluation as an integral component of SDG follow up and review.

ZEA has been at the forefront of developing national evaluation systems through its engagement with the Office of the President and Cabinet (Development of the National Evaluation Policy), supporting Parliamentarians and capacity building of individual and institutional evaluators.

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