FRIDAY 31 AUGUST 2018| 14 Natal Road, Belgravia; Harare

Zimbabwe Evaluation Association convened the 5th Round of its ‘Learn & Share Seminar in Harare under the theme “Evaluating Governance”
This was a free event that brings together different stakeholders engaged in governance programmes to share approaches, experiences, and challenges in monitoring and evaluating governance programmes.

Zimbabwe has had an increase in the number of Civil Society Organizations with programs focusing on democracy and good governance for civil liberties and economic growth. This has been driven by the need to contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by ensuring communities, governments, public officials and the services offered are transparent and accountable to the communities they serve. The EvalAgenda 2020 Vision indicates that Evaluation is embedded in good governance – in which policy makers and decision makers include evaluations as part of decision making tools and high quality credible and impartial evaluations are produced.
ZEA sees this an opportune time to look at the importance of evaluation in governance when Zimbabwe is transitioning and opening the economy for investors and new businesses. Communities on the other hand hope for governance and democratic processes that will lead to improved socio-economic conditions for all citizens. It is important to conduct such a forum where stakeholders share lessons learnt and best practices on the methods, processes, tools and approaches used in evaluating governance.

A total of 22 (9M & 13f) individuals from CSOs, INGOs and line ministries attended

20 minutes Power Point Presentations were made each by selected presenters followed by a plenary session where in-depth discussions were made. Below are the two presentations made:
1. Political Economy Analysis: A Pre-post Analysis Tool (Tendai Muchada)

2. Impact Evaluation of Communities’ Governance Capacity Building Approaches (Shylock Muyengwa)

The event was also live-streamed via Zoom Here


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